Friday, 19 December 2014


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New Year’s ever is fast approaching so I thought I would share with you an outfit idea that I am in love with! 

First of all the dress is from Misguided and is only £19.99.  I don’t think that’s badly priced at all. 

Next are these heels from New Look, they’re £27.99 so abit more pricey however I think they would look good with this outfit.

The bagis from ASOS and I absolutely love it! It’s £35.

Lastly I thought to include a furry jacket to finish the look off! This Jacket is on ASOS reduced to £49.

Altogether this outfit comes to £131.  If you would like to see me put a list together of a New Years Eve outfit on a student budget then please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. That bag is brilliant! I think I need to invest in it!
    Great post, love the other items as well :D

    Kourtney, xo

  2. Loving the shoes - i like a chunky heel!

    I have a giveaway for my followers if you want to check it out x

  3. I love those shoes, really want to get them for New Year! would really love if you could check out my fashion blog?:)


  4. Hi emily :) I've created a This Time Next Year Tag on my blog and tagged you in it :) I'd love it if you would give it a go :) hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    Danielle x

    1. I've finished the tag! Thank you for tagging :) x