Sunday, 4 January 2015


* All images sourced from ASOS*

Todays post is a little wish list that I have put together from ASOS.  It's my favourite online shop and I find myself browsing through there nearly every day for hours seeing whats new. All these items will be linked. 

The first item is this basic striped top (I am a little striped obsessed).  It's from a brand called Monki which I love and the best thing about it is thats its only £10! 

The second item are these black high waisted jeans with rips in the knees priced at £30.  These are the petite version as I am only 5'2 however I am sure they sell these in normal and tall.  I am in need of a new pair of black jeans and these jeans could be the one! Does anyone recommend ASOS jeans? 

The third item on my wish list is the Wildfox jumper.  I have been obsessing over Wildfox for years but never bought anything as its so expensive and I can't justify spending nearly £100 on a jumper.  If I did have the money, then I would definitely buy this jumper, its £99. 

The last item on my wish list is this striped jumper from the brand Monki (again). It's £25 which isn't badly priced and would work with layering or just pairing with jeans/ leggings. 

Thanks for reading!
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